Saturday, June 30, 2007

House of Inspiration

Still 1 more night to go, and we will start our new Blog, House of Inspiration. This Blog will give you a Challenge every month, and our Design Team members made some examples. It will be so much fun , so please join us at
There will be sneakpeaks, and tomorrow you can see our first challenge and what we made of it.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

What's going on

Haven't been Blogging much lately, I was way too buisy. So what has been going on. Our new website fianlly went on line this week, it turned out just great I think, just check it out, I finally put together our Design Team, and I think it is just great, such talented girls, I just love them already, there work will be coming in our galley on the side each month. We also are starting a Blog, House of Inspiration on July 1. We will be doing a dare each month, so it would be great if you will join us. Here is a sneack of my dare for July, What makes you Happy.....
And I finished my 6 assignment of Finding You this week. It was not so hard, but I didn'had the right pictiures, so I had to wait for that. Assignment 7 is much much harder, and I think I will skip that one for a bit, and first finish the others. I'm just 6 assignments behind ARGHHHH

Also started to clean up the mess in my workshop space. It's really pieling up so I had to do that. So haven't been scrapping much last week, I will do some next week. I also started an album about the lives of Voodoo and Devil, the 2 cats we nursed ourselves, cause there mother died, when they were 12 days old. I had so much pictures, and there story is so special, I had to do something with that, will show you more later

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Some recent work

Made this one this afternoon, the journaling says:
You are so sweet, you always love it when we have kittens.
You like to play with them, and to cuddle them.
You should have been a girl, so you could have baby's of your own.
Luckely you can always enjoy the kittens of the other girls, they don't have problems with that. I love you
And this is one of my favorite pictures, Voodoo and me
Made this LO from Luna, Luna is the mother of Voodoo and Devil. She died last year, 10 days after giving birth to them. So we nursed them ourselfs, that was a hell of a job, but also so rewarding, they grew up being very special cats. I won't sell them for all the money in this world. I decided to finally made an album about there story, I have many pictures lying to be scrapped and to be told. So just wait and see.

Some pictures

Made some new pictures this week from Us with Voodoo and Red Devil.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

More kitten news

Yesterday Carolien called that they really wanted to have Star, so she is sold too. Carolien and Michel are friends from us, and already have a kitten from our last litter, Pagan Myst. So Pagan is going to get a friend YEAH, that is so great for him, cause he is alone now, and Coons are very social and need some friends.
And this afternoon Gre and Huib from Cattery On the Doorstep came by to look at Castor for there cattery. Ofcause they fell in love with him, so he is going to be there new stud.

B-day Wil

Today we celebrated Wils birthday, he became 28 last wednesday. It was a beautful day, so we could sit outside. Ofcause I took some picture from my nieces
Esmee is a bit tiered
Noa just adores cats, so they wont be safe from her. Such a shame her dad don't like them , so she hasn't one of her own. Isn't this a great picture?


Yesterday we went to Scrap-a-Ganza, and we had a great time. At 9 I picted up Claudia and Linda to go to Egmond. Our first workshop started at 11, so still time to do some shopping. The first workshop was from Peggy, with the new Love Elsie paper, I just love this paper, can't wait to have it in my shop. Than we had the workshop from Vivian Bonder, Him and Her. I was so looking forward to this workshop and to meet Vivian. I love her work for ages, ever since she was in CMF. It was a great workshop, and Vivian is sooo great, a bit shy to been taken pictures of, but at our last workshop at 19.00 she got a bit used of us with our cameras, and we took great pictures from us. So we did a lot of shopping and had a great time, at 20.30 we finally drove home, I was so tired but so happy meting this great girl.
Vivian and me

Vivian, Claudia and me just beng silly

Linda, who doesn't want to be taken pictures of

And my shopping, I really needed some flowers, can you tell. HAHAHA

Last Monday

Later this afternoon Angelique and her HB from cattery Lost Tracks came by to look at Sky, she already had an option on her from when she was a few days old. And she going to be so gorgeous, I'm almost sorry that I didn't kept her myself. But he, maybe next year there is another beautiful girl for me


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