Friday, February 22, 2008

New pictures

Made some new pictures of the poly kittens, they are 9,5 week already. Rogue, in the middle is staying with us, she has extra toes on all 4 of her feet. Wolverine and Mystique are leaving together on April 1, so I still can enjoy them for a few more weeks.

Master Copy is our new boy from Germany, he is here now for almost 4 weeks and he just is adorable, he just loves to play with the little ones. Next week our new Poly male is coming, so he can play with him too.

Idols Live show 9

It's already a week ago, but didn't had time to post it, cause we left Sunday morning early to Barcelona. Nikki was great again, her first number was from Amy Winehouse

And her second was even better, a number from Tom Jones

We're Back

We're back from 4 days Barcelona, a bit earlier than planned. We should go for 2 more days to the Carcassonne in France and fly back on Sunday. But Wil was so in pain with his back so he wanted to go home. Barcelona was great, but 4 days was enough, it was cold, cloudy and rainy, so not that good. We did saw a lot of Gaudi, that was great.
We arrived sunday and just walked a bit through Barcelona, Monday we went to see Park Guell, designed by Gaudi

And Sagrada Familia

Tuesday we went to Milahouse "La Pedrera" the balconies are so beautiful, and we went to the Batllohouse, were we went in. I made it to the second flour, Wil went to to roof. The house was full of glass and the stairs were so open that I couldn't go any further cause of my freight of highes

Wednesday we went seeing the Paviljons of Guell, wich has a great gate with a Dragon, and we saw Casa Vicens, not that great. And we walked a bit more in Barcelone, we did a lot of walking these days, my feet are killing me.

And we have a new addiction, STARBUCKS. I heard about them, but I just don't drink coffee, but they have really delicious chocolat milk, so we had to stop there every day, to have a drink. Such a shame we don't have them in Holland. But I don't think that would be good for me anyway, I really have to do something about my weight.
I'm planning to start this monday, I will keep you updated.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Idols Liveshow 8

Did you saw Idols yesterday? Nikki was so good, although her first number was, her second a bit less.

And than Nigel, he was so good, even Gordon thought so. This guy is so funny, I just love him.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Mini Book

Made this book a few weeks ago, but could'n't show it yet. This book was started as a WS with Lance from Rusty Pickle I think a year ago. So I finished it, gave it my own look. It is a book from our dog Cindy, who passed by a year ago.

Romantic Vintage

Yesterday I gave a workshop in my store and it was so great. The girls were so enthousiastic and fun. I got so inspired from the, especially 1, Meriam, I so love her style. It reminds me of the things I did a few years ago, when I didn't even scrapped I loved doing altered Books. I think the style is a bit Romantic Vintage, I have to do more with it. I hope the girls will send me pictures of there work soon, so I can show you. For now I will leave you with some stuff I did a few years ago.

Time to say Goodbye

And again it is time to say goodbye to some of my sweet little cats. And if you think it will getting easier, no it don't. Everytime they leave the house they take a peace of my heart with them. I so love them all, but know I can't keep them all. Ghost Dancer left the house Friday to his new owners, and Phantom will leave next weekend. They were such a joy those 2 guys, I will miss them heaps.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Can she even be better than the last 2 weeks?
Yes she did it again, yesterday she was incredible again, she gave me goosebumps

Last week

2 weeks ago


Just found this video on YouTube, one of my favorite bands ever, Evanescence
Check deze video: Evanescence ft. Seather

Friday, February 1, 2008

New Work

I made these 2 last saturday, inspired by the work from Sheril.
Now I'm working on my new assignment for CMF, I love the papers, the LO's are gonna be great, but you'll have to wait till April.


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