Saturday, June 9, 2007

Some recent work

Made this one this afternoon, the journaling says:
You are so sweet, you always love it when we have kittens.
You like to play with them, and to cuddle them.
You should have been a girl, so you could have baby's of your own.
Luckely you can always enjoy the kittens of the other girls, they don't have problems with that. I love you
And this is one of my favorite pictures, Voodoo and me
Made this LO from Luna, Luna is the mother of Voodoo and Devil. She died last year, 10 days after giving birth to them. So we nursed them ourselfs, that was a hell of a job, but also so rewarding, they grew up being very special cats. I won't sell them for all the money in this world. I decided to finally made an album about there story, I have many pictures lying to be scrapped and to be told. So just wait and see.


Linda Loe said...

Ik vind de We Lo erg mooi tja het verhaal van Luna daar krijg ik alleen een grote brok van in mijn keel brrr.

Marlies said...

Wat een mooie lo's, vooral de onderste erg leuk, ik ben dol op felle kleuren.

Adrienne said...

now I see why you needed all those flowers :) this is totally adorable and SO bright!! Makes me happy just looking :)


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