Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

As promised my Halloween Mini album I made for the Creatief met Foto's.
Made thses pics of my cats 3 years ago, unfortunally 2 cats are no longer with us, and we have a lot new cats. Need to do another book with my cats I have now.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


It was a bad day today, you know such a day everything went wrong.
Started at 10.00 in my shop, and the first customer was really a nag, she already was there yesterday to return something, and today again it wasn't good DUHHHH.
After that I did something wrong with my micro and my whole kitchen is blue from the smoke and stinking. Also all my scrapstuff, cause that's there as well.
So I was glad I could go home at 4.00. Had a huge discussion with Wil, so went into bath with a terrible headache.
This was 1 week in my life, they are not always that buisy, when I have a slow week, I am free on monday and tuesday afternoon, that's all. And I always try to be home as much as possible in the evening for my cats. Sundays I always have something planned to do, cause that's our only day of together, and once in the 2 weeks I have photography course.

This is what I was doing this week, made 2 LO's and a mini for a DT call

Friday, October 24, 2008

Anna Griffin

These LO's were published in the latest CMF. I also had a halloween album in it, but will you show you that on halloween.


Again, a normall day at work from 8.00 till 12.00, this last day is always hard, I'm so tired at the end of the week, my back and shoulders hurts after a week work.
Lay down for half an hour on the coach till I had to go to the shop, it was really quieted this afternoon, so did a lot of scrap. I'm buisy with a mini album, so can't show yet, I think tomorrow. At home Wil was cooking, so I went in bath for an hour, just to relax a bit, Wil brought my dinner upstairs. Did some blogging and watched tv, I'm really tired.
Made this Clear album last week for the Build a Book contest at Prima

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some AMM News

New Online Class by Hilde Janbroers
"My Art Journal"

This class will show you how to create a real vintage/shabby chic art journal. It will be filled with gorgeous vintage images, together with your innermost thoughts, the art book and journaling will be a real treasure.

When complete the album will measure 5x5 and be 13 pages thick. It holds a lot of techniques like using beeswax, glimmermist and stamping. You will be able to purchase a kit through A Million Memories for this class, or you can use products from your own scrapbooking stash.

The class will run from November 1st- November 15. Every day you will get detailed instructions to complete the project. After signing up, you will have access to a private forum where the links to the instruction files will be posted as well as being a place for you to share your pages and ask any questions. This forum will open a few days before the course begins and after it ends.

"Five Fall Favorites"
Mini Book class by Becca Lundin Started today

You can still sign up for only $14.99 HERE
You can use your own supplies for this class
or you can purchase a class kit HERE

New Limited Edition Kits


So we came home at 12 last night, the show wasn't that great as the last time. You could notice that Derek was tired, he is doing 17 shows in 13 days, that's way to much if you ask me. I think it's taking a lot of him. Also the public was very difficult, people just didn't understand him and the translater. At 1 point you could see that Derek was irritated to, he couldn't do much readings this way. The show was also shorter than the in June, so that was a pitty. But I have a signature and some photo's with him, YEAHHH!!!!! He is so sweet, he took time for all the people waiting to get a picture.

Today another day at work, start at 8.00, had a doctors appointment at 11.20
Went to the shop at 1.30, was not so buisy this afternoon so did some scrapping, can'r show it yet.

Can show these 2 LO's I made last week.
This one is for the October challenge from the Pretty Committee

The Challenge was: what do you see when you look in teh mirror, I took away 2 things, cause they are to personall.

And thsi one is for the october challenge from Websters Pages InspireMe. The challenge is to scrap a favorite item and use some cut outs from the Websters Papers.

The shop closed at 5.30, did some grocery shopping and went home. Wil wasn't home yet, so I had to do the cooking, but was to tiered so put something in the micro. Wil get home 10 minutes later,and that was his idea also. After dinner I went into bath for an hour with a good book, I'm reading the fantasy serial from katharine Kerr.
Than did some Blogging and surfing, at 9.30 the new programme from Derek Ogilvie started at tv, after that I went to bed

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Normally it's my day off from work, but since i have my shop I'm working in my shop all day, it opens at 9.30 till 12.30. Managed to make this LO for the Build-a-Page-Sketch from Prima.

My mother would do the afternoon in the shop so I could finish my administration, I was back in the shop at 4, it closed at 5.30 and went to the beauty specialist to do my eyebrows. Was home at 6, Wil already coocked. Don't think that Wil always coock though, it just depents on who is home earlier. This week I'm very buisy so he will do the most of coocking, but normally I do Monday and Tuesday and whenever I'm home earlier.
We drove away to Amsterdag at 7.00 to see Derek Ogilvie, YEA!!!!!!!! I got tickets again.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Yesterday evening around 8.15 got a phonecall from people who wanted to see Witchblade, the last kitten I had for sale, so they came and really liked him, wanted to take him right away, nooooo, that's not possible I need to prepare for that, so they will pick him up tonight.
So today I went to work at 8 again, my first client (Aunt Aagje) who is also an aunt of my mom, turned 100 today, so that was very special for her, a big day.
Got home at 12, eat something, turned clothes and drove to Amersfoort to order the April/May collection for next year. Got back at 4.30 stopped to pick up some cat food I ordered and drove to the party of Aunt Aagje. It was fun to see some family I haven't seen in ages.

After that I did some grocery shopping and went home at 7.oo. The people who came to pick up Witchblade just drove away, so that was good. I don't want to be there when my kitties leave, that's too emotional for me, can't handle that. Wil already did the cooking, watched some tv and went to bed.

Monday, October 20, 2008


This morning I went to work at 8. I work with older and sick people. We go to there house to wash them, dress them and that sort of things, so they can stay at home as long as possible. Sometimes I have 6 or 7 patients in a morning. The monday mornings are always long, cause after that we always have some sort of meeting, so I got home at 1PM. I changed my clothes and drove to Amsterdam to pick up cards for Derek Ogilvie. YES!!!! I got cards for wednesday, someone sold them on the internet, I'm really happy with them. I got home at 3, drink some tea did some vacuum cleaning and mop. Than cook dinner, after dinner we put the scratchpile together, the cats really love it. Than I went in bath, watched some tv, did some internet and went to bed. Again with headage, I often have that when I'm really buisy

This is the Pile we bought, with some of my cats

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I thought it would be fun to show you 1 week in my life, starting today.

Today I went to a cat show in Oud Gastel with 2 cats, Mas and Darkness.
I had to be there before 9.30 so drove away at 7.45, it was a 1.15 hour drive.
I had a place beside Judith my show friend, it was great to see her again, but I so totally forgot my camera, and she did as well. So can't show you pics. My cats got there points, but that was it. I didn't prepare mas well, so he didn't get a Best in show, wasn't even nomited for it. A bit of a disappointment. But at least they got there points, so Darkness in Champion now, for that they need 3 points. Mas needs 1 more point for it.
I bought a great new scratchpile, cause there new room is finally finished ( well almost, need to do some painting, but the basic is done) The old p[ile is going upstairs and the new one in the livingroom.
The show was finished around 6, so I was home around 7.30. Wil had coocked, and after diner I lie down on the coutch to watch my favorite shows, Ghostwhisper and Supernatural. I had a bit of a headache so I fell asleep while watching, went to bed at 11.30

Saturday, October 18, 2008

November Kit AMM

so here is the Sneak for the November kit, isn't it gorgeous?!?!?!? Can't wait to play with

Time to say goodbye again

This week it was time to say goodbye again.My sweet kittens are leaving to their new homes. It always makes me so sad to see them go, I so love them. I enjoy them for 13 weeks, and than it's time, can't keep them all. So last wednesday Wicca left and today Wizzard. Witchblade is staying cause he wasn't sold yet, but yesterday someone called for him. So if that goes right he will leaving next week, and than the house is still again. But yesterday I found out that 1 of my other cats is pregnant, so in 4 weeks I have new ones again. YEAH!!!!! Can't wait, it is always a treasure to see them grow.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Halloween Fair

Today we went to a halloween Fair with my 2 nieces, it was great.
They had a face paint, and there were a lot of witches.
So I took a lot of pics, don't you just love them, wish they were mine

And ofcause Noa had to see my cats, unfortunately she hasn't cats herself, she just so adores them

New Limited edition Kits available At A Million memories

Go check them out here

Friday, October 10, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mollie & Mac

A huge thanks to Mollie&Mac who gave the DT from A Million Memories papers to play with.


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