Sunday, October 31, 2010


Today we went to a fleamarket. It was not a large one, but I did found some great things.

Ofcause these has te be painted white

This one too

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bear and Doll show

Today I went to a Bear and Doll show especially to see Marijke van Ooijen. She makes the most beautiful dolls and bears full with lace and antique. I wanted to see her work for ages, but didn't had time to do. I promised to treed myself with a bear from her, but o man that was hard. Which shall I take. I had to choose between those 2 gorgeous bears, I liked the left one, but the right one her dress was prettier. So Marijke changed the dresses for me, that was great. I'm so happy with this gorgeous bear, called Nina. She also gives workshops, so I'm defenately gonna do one.
Take a look at more of her beautiful work here.
Besides Marijke there was lots more to see, a lot of vintage bears and stuff, and lace.... O man am I addicted to lace, can't help myself, so I bought some again. Don't think I'm ever gonna use it all, but I do have some ideas in my head already.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lev Vackert

As promised I will show you some pics from the beautiful book Lev Vackert. If you don't know what to ask for Christmas, you have to put this on your wishinglist.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Not much scrapping

We are still renovating our attic, so al my stuff is in boxes. It turned out longer than I thought, but it's gonna be so gorgeous, I'm gonna have so much more space. In the meanwhile I'm still working in the living room, have to paint everything from grey to white. And I already have ideas for the sleepingroom.
I bought myself this gorgeous book, full of inspiration in white, just love it. I will show you some pics from it later this week.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I'm turning my house into Brocante YEAHHHH. I was thinking about that for ages, but didn't dare, I'm more for colours in my house than white. But surfing around the blogs from time to time, it got me sooo inspired, that I wanted it too. And guess what, my HB likes it too. Didn't expect that, he is more for straight stuff, not to much of everything. So we sold this huge cupboard, and bought a new one, much smaller.I will show you the new one later.

this was my cupboard for the tv, I bought a new one with doors, so I can close it when we don't use it, so you don't see all the mess, that bothers me heeps.

The first new cupboard I bought was this one. My HB picked it up for me, and I'm sooo happy with it, it's just so gorgeous.

Than I bought this old sewing table. I wanted that for so long, but because of the big cupboard we didn't have space, but now I have.

And ofcause I bought some brocante/white stuff.

There's more to come, I'm painting everything white.


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