Thursday, January 31, 2008

I'm published

The new CMF is out, and there is an articel from me in it. I'm sooooo proud. They asked me if I could make some LO's with paper, stamps and embellishments from Hubinont. Not the stuff I normally would choose, but it turned out okee, I think. Will show you the LO's seperate later on.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Master Copy

Today we picked up our new cat from Germany, Langstteich Master Copy. I waited for over 1 year for him, so I'm so happy he is here now, he is so cute. I hope he will give beautiful baby's in the future.

New LO

Last week I made this LO. It was scraplifted from an LO from Elodie "Iggydodie" I just love her work

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Summer Beach

Finished this one from our dog today. It was a bit lifted from a Lo I saw in a Dutch Magazine


I booked a vacation to Barcelona this week. It's been 6 years ago that we went away. I so miss my cats when I'm gone. But I'm going to try it for 1 week. First we go to barcelona for a few days and then a few days to Carcassonne in France. I'm so looking forward to it. And after that I want to go to Eurodisney and Paris in April
Last November I went with a friend to Intratuin in Lochem, I made so much pictures there that I had to made a mini album. It was a lot of work, but isn't it great?

Friday, January 4, 2008

Ciske de Rat

Tonight we went to the musical Ciske de Rat. It was a present for my mother for Christmas, but because my grandma died yesterday she couldn't come, such a shame. So I went with my sister and her mother in law. It was a great night the show was so great, and Danny de Munk is just .....MMMMMMMMMM

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bye Grandma

My Grandmother past away this afternoon, it was still a bit unexpected. Although we thought last Tuesday that she was not gonna make it, the docter said this morning that she was doing a bit better. My parents have been visiting her this afternoon, and just an half hour later they called my uncle that she died. I planned to see her this evening, and I'm sad that I can't anymore. But this is better for her, she has only been sick for 3 days,so no long sickbed. She was 94, almost 95 in Februar.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Poly Posse

Just received this photo's of our new Poly Male, that is coming to live with us in Februar, Poly P. Pride, it is the red one without white, isn't he cute!?!?!?!?

My Grandmother

We went to visit my Grandmother this afternoon, to wish her Happy NewYear. But she realy scared me, she was looking so badly. Last week when we visited her, I already told her that she was getting skinny. But my parents said that since she was in the nurseryhome she was looking better than at home. She broke her arm in November and was staying in a nurseryhome now. She couldn't stay home alone, cause of the broken arm and she was afraid to fal. But the plan was that she was going home in time, with help of the help at home. But now she was feeling sick since yesterday, and we think that she has a Pneumonia, the docter will see her tomorrow. But when I saw her like that, I'm not sure if she will survive this. She is 94 and not that strong anymore. I've never known her sick, we always said that she would be 100, but now I don't know anymore. Hope she will.


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