Sunday, December 30, 2007


Just watched Shrek 1, 2 and 3. Isn't he cute and so funny?? Just love it.
Of to bed now, have to work tomorrow, TADAAA

More unfinished work

This week I finished more unfinished work, I only had to print out some more photo's and add some info to it
This album I started at a workshop with Corinne Delis at the XTreme weekend in Katwijk in September. It's all about my HB Wil

And this album was also a workshop from Corinne, back in March, it's an album about us

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sunday Photo's

I wanted to take some pictures in the snow today, but all snow was gone, so I took some other pictures, I think they went out great, Wil hates it to be taken pictures off.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Winter in Holland

The last few days it was freezing cold in Holland,I hate the winter. But the sight was very beautiful everything was white, so I send out Wil to take some pictures, cause I don't have the time.

Leave you with a picture from the 2 kittens that are left from the Halloween litter, Ghost Dancer and Phantom, they are so cute.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Unfinished Work

I decided to finish some unfinished work first, before I start a new project. I have lots of work just lying in a bag that I started at workshops and didn't finish.
This one I started last March at a workshop from Corinne Delis, it's a box with 2 little books, 1 about things I love, and 1 about people I love.

And this one I started, I don't know maybe a year ago at a worksop at Lance from Rusty Pickle. I only glued the papers in it and that was it. The original book wasn't really me, sorry Lance, so I gave it my own twist. It went out great I think, but can't show you everything yet. Maybe I'm gonna use it for a contest, not sure yet. If not I show you the rest later on.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Our first Poly Litter

Monday morning Aurora gave birth to these beautiful kittens, and I wasn't even there. Last Thursday and Friday I was free from work, and the weekend I arranged that Wil or me was home. But nothing, that was a bommer, cause monday we both had go to work. So at 8 when I left she was sitting ouside and no sign of delivey yet. When I came home at 10.15 to check, they already were there, so I missed it all. Luckely everything went okee.
I'm so proud of her, that she did it all on her self, and I'm so happy with this litter, my first poly litter. Poly means that they have more toes than normally.
There is 1 boy and 2 girls,I gave them names from the movie X-men.
Wolverine, Red Tabby White Poly male
Rogue, Blue Creme White poly female
Mystique Blue White non poly female
And ofcause Rogue is going to stay, she has extra toes on all her feet, we call it a 4WD.
I ordered a tortie poly girl with Aurora when she was pregnant, and she listened to me HAHAHA

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cat day

Today we had a cat day, first we went to Spijkenisse, were is living a kitten from my last litter at cattery on the doorstep. He left our home at the end of july, and we saw him for the first time now. He is grown up great, and his ears WOW, he has such great ears and Lynx tips, I'm so proud of him

After that we went to friends in Hellevoetsluis, who has a litter with poly kittens, And YES, my dream came true, we bought the red poly male. We already had an option on him, but haven't seen him. There were 3 poly males, but I liked him the most, I just love him, and he me I think. He fell in sleep on my lap. Can you see his extra toe on his feets? Isn't it great, I just love it. Now we have to wait for 9 more weeks, cause he is only 4 weeks old, but I'm going to visit him soon, when I have time. First Aurora has to get her kittens next week, I hope there are poly's in as well

Sunday, December 2, 2007

New work

I've been creating a lot the last week, but can't show you any of it. Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's for an assignment.

Challenge December

Time flies, it's time for our new challenge, a difficult one this time. We had to show our Christmas feeling, but without using any Photo's, this is what I made.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Great day, sad end

Yesterday I went to my friend Bea, who lives in Apeldoorn. We went to Intratuin in Lochem, who has a very large Christmas show. Never been there before, but is was so great, we took lots of beautiful pictures, I had a great time.

When I came home it was time to make the disision to let Blue Spirit go. Yesterday all for sudden he wasn't doing that well, his chest was a bit flat, and he has difficulties with breading. I called the woman who talks with him, and she said that he thinks it's almost time to go, he knows he is not getting better anymore. That was a difficult conversation again, thinking that such a small kitten knows his time has come. But I could wait a day or two he said. So today I went to Bea anyway, cause Wil is home to keep an eye on him. During the day Wil kept me informed how he was doing, he wouldn't eat anymore, and his breath was getting worse. So when I came home I desided in an instance that is was time, so I called my vet and with an aching heart we went to give my little sweetheart the rest he needed. I will miss him heeps, and hope he is with his little sister again.
This are terrible things to do when you love your animals this much, but loving is also letting go.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


The sneak for House of inspiration for December, it was a hard one this time, I nearly made the deadline

Something to show

WOW, I did a lot of work this week. The last 2 I did last week, but the first 3 and the dare for House of Inspiration I did this week. I can't remember I ever did 4 LO's in 1 week, I really am on the roll.

These 2 were scraplifted, I just loved them, and the new papers from Tinkering Ink, Blur

Sad Day

Today I had to put Dark Angel asleep.It was so unexpected she was doing so great.I've been struggeling with Blue Spirit for 2 weeks now, to keep him alive. He is doing better by the day, but still not sure if he is going to make it. He still can't eat by himself, has balance problems, and can't keep his piss. Than suddenly Thursday Dark Angel became sick, and was getting sicker by the hour. A visit to the vet didn't help, she was so airless, today after 2 days of struggle I had to make the disision to let her go. It is always so hard to do that, and even more when it is such a little kitten, she was only 2,5 weeks old. I'm gonna miss her heeps my sweet little angel, and hope to see her again at the rainbow bridge
Ghost Dancer

Dark Angel


Blue Spirit

Friday, November 2, 2007

November Challenge

Did you see our new Challenge on our blog House of Inspiration? It is so coo, you have to use 3 pieces of scrap. I made this one for my book about Voodoo and Devil.

New Work

These Lo's were made with pieces of paper, cloth and Lace, sewn together. The kittens are from my last litter in May. The white beauty is living with us.

More Cat News

Also Aurora is pregnant, we are expecting her baby's half December, I'm so excited about this. Aurora's lover was a Poly Coon, so maybe we have some poly kittens, I hope so.(Poly Cats has extra toes on there paws)


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