Monday, March 24, 2008

An easy one

After 2 weeks of working for an assignment for the CMF, I had some time to do some work for myself. This photo was lying here for ages, so I made this easy LO with the new papers from MM after an idea from Maaike Amstelveen

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Made this one a few weeks ago. I was so inspired about 1 of the girls who did a workshop at me, that I wanted to make 1 myself. I think it turned out great, this is going to be a workshop in my shop in april, so make sure you join that. And Meriam thanks for the inspiration.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Last weekend I went to Utrecht to the Scrap-a-Licious workshop weekend with Corinne Delis and Celine Navarro. It was great but very exausting, I didn't finish anything. And I'm not gonna for a few weeks either. On saterday Kirsten was there too with some new stuff for some articles, and some hugh deadlines. So that's my first goal this coming weeks. But I did enjoyed myself, and it was so great to see those girls again

Fauve and me

Corinne, Celine and me

Celine and me

Merjam and me

Corinne and me

Between the workshops we had a little time to went outside, and we took some pictures in Utrecht with Jacqueline and Linda

Celine looking boored, I think she is very tiered after 2 days

Rough week

It's been a rough week last week, after my neck I also got pain in my feet. I just couldn't walk. Luckely I got some medicines from the doctor so I could go to Utrecht. But my cats are really sick, after Q en Shadow, wednesday Sha'ree, Voodoo en Darkness got sick. Than on Thursday Devil and Rogue, so that was 7. I thought and hoped it would stay with that, but unluckely I am in the weekend also Sky, Freya, Elmo and Mystique got sick. They all are staying in my bedroom, cause Wil is rebuilding the attick. 11 sick cats is a bit to much for my dear HB so he also stays in the attick. I got my bed all for myself with my sick cats. But more unluck, today I think that also Ginger, Isis, Mas and Wolverine are getting sick. So that are all my cats except for 1. But with all my bad luck I think he will get sick also. Luckely Q and Shadow are doing better now

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Published work

I can show you some work that I've done for the latest Creatief met Foto's, a Dutch magazine. I had to work with paper and stamps from Hubinont.

Feeling sick

Not much new work done the latest time, I'm not feeling very well, my neck is a mess, so I'm lying in bed or the cauch most of the day. Hope I will feel better soon, cause I have a lot to do. I have to make a name tag for the Scrap-a-licious workshops this weekend with Corinne Delis and Celine Navarro. I'm so looking forward to that, hope I will feel better than. Also 2 of my cats are very sick, and I think the third is going to be. They have sneeze disease that is very contagious, so they can get it all, I hope not, they are feeling so miserable and have to be apart from the others.

Update Idols

I ow you a last update on the finals of Idols. Nikki my favorite won, but Nathalie was awsome too.
Nikki did a Gospel song, I'm not that religious, but it rocket. With that you will go to church for fun LOL

And ofcause she song her new single Hello World, not really my favorite, but it rocks as always


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