Monday, August 27, 2007

Cat news

Last week was a real week for me and my cats. First Freya became in the heat. So Devil could try it for the first time, I'm very curious if he succeed. We have to wait 2 more weeks to know.
Than on Friday Aurora also became in the heat, we brought her to her new lover in Hellevoetsluis on saterday.
And on saterday Sha'ree thought is was finally time for her to get in the heat too. She is almost 2 now, and it is the first time for her. We brought her on sunday to a friend of mine, where her new lover lives.
Also on saterday we took back 1 of the kittens from my last litter, Sky. She wasn't very happy with her new owners, and after 3 weeks of trying we decide to take her back. I'm very happy to have her back, she is such a sweatheart, and I found it hard to let her go. I hope she will be happy with us. For now she is eating and sleeping very much.

So this will be some very exciting weeks, till we know who is pregnant.
If you want see more about my cats, have a look at


linda loe said...

Ja en wat is het nieuws dan????

Liefs Corien said...

HAHAHA, dat komt er nu aan

Jennie said...

Dat gaat misschien dus een forse 'gezinsuitbreiding' worden:-))) Spannend. Jennie


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