Thursday, September 13, 2007

XTREME weekend and more

WHOW, it's been a crazy crazy buisy week. We picked up Adrienne at Schiphol on Monday September 3th. She would stay with us for a week, so up to Katwijk. The next day we would met Linda in Leiden and go to see some things. We had a boattrip through the canals, witch was great, and we did some walking around the city. In the evening we went to eat pancakes.
The next 2 days we need to do some preperations for the weekend, witch was a lot of work. On Thursday Corinne came with Lucy to do some more work.
On Friday was the first Xtreme day, and I think it was a great succes, the workshops were great. After that we went to the beach for a barbecue witch was very nice.

Corinne in one of her classes

Adrienne havind a lot of fun in her classes

Adrienne, Linda and me

Adrienne, Corinne and me
On sunday we went to Madurodam, a miniature of the most important buildings from Holland.
Wil also showed us the Peace palace in real, which is standing in Den Haag

Adrienne even menaged to take some pictures of us, Wil doesn't want to be taken pictures of.

On Monday we went to Muiderslot, a castle out of the Middle Ages

And than it was time to say goodbye, Adrienne had the leave on Tuesday . I even cried when we had to say goodbye ( sorry Adrienne), but she is such a sweet girl, I miss her.


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