Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My Grandmother

We went to visit my Grandmother this afternoon, to wish her Happy NewYear. But she realy scared me, she was looking so badly. Last week when we visited her, I already told her that she was getting skinny. But my parents said that since she was in the nurseryhome she was looking better than at home. She broke her arm in November and was staying in a nurseryhome now. She couldn't stay home alone, cause of the broken arm and she was afraid to fal. But the plan was that she was going home in time, with help of the help at home. But now she was feeling sick since yesterday, and we think that she has a Pneumonia, the docter will see her tomorrow. But when I saw her like that, I'm not sure if she will survive this. She is 94 and not that strong anymore. I've never known her sick, we always said that she would be 100, but now I don't know anymore. Hope she will.

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