Thursday, April 17, 2008

Back from Paris

We are back from our 5 days trip to Paris. It was 1 day to much for me. I thought we go 2 days to Disney and 3 days into Paris. But we saw Disney in 1 day, and after 3 days walking in Paris I just was burnt out. But we had a great trip, and I made a lot of beautiful photo's.We arrived on Thursday and went directly to Euro Disney. It was great to see, but without kids 1 day is more than enough

Wil had to fit those silly hats

And ofcause we had to see the Parade

Saterday we went to the Notre Dame

Than we went to the Sacre Couer, we had to climb all these stairs, so I had to rest in the middle of it

Saturday we went to the Louvre and the Eiffel. We didn't get on it, cause I am afraid of heights.
Me in front of the louvre

And Sunday we did some sight seeing at the Seine, they have some great bridges.


liefs bea said...

Leuke foto`s Corien!
Jullie hebben wel veel gezien en vooral veel gelopen!
Zere voetjes maar ff in een teiltje met warm water! hahah
Groetjes Bea

linda loe said...

Leuke foto`s en nu nog scrappen :-)

Marjolijn said...

Onwijs leuke foto's weer en ik kan bijna niet wachten totdat je er mee gescrapt hebt, dat wordt wel weer iets moois :D



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