Monday, June 30, 2008

It gets worse

And just when you think it can't get worse, it is. Friday night I received a phonecall from Marion that Mystique was very ill. Mystique is also 1 of my breeds. The vet advised her to call me, cause he suspected that she had the same illness as Phantom. I was so in shock, just couldn't believe it, that 2 of my kittens had this deadly virus. So we went there on sunday to see her, and I saw it immidiatly, she so looked like Phantom when he was ill, I bursed out in tears. I gave her tips what to do, to keep her as long as possible with her, but in the evening she called again, she was getting worse. So I went there, and she was worse than Phantom when I put him asleep. Just in a few hours she was so reverse gone in health. So I called the vet that we wanted to put her asleep. But he adviced to wait for the section report from Phantom, to see if there was something we could do. So we decided to do that, but my feeling was very bad. In the morning I called Marion how Mystique was doing, and she just died an hour ago in her arms. You just can't imagine how this feels, I just can't stop crying, this is not why I breed cats. I wish them a very long and healthy live, and than to loose 2 kittens in 1 week is to much. Someone must hate me very much to put me through all this, what I've been through the last year. I'm so sorry my sweet little Mystique, I will never forget you and hope you are with all my other cats at the rainbowbridge.


david santos said...

I love cats.

Nancy Dooren aka Nans said...

Heel veel sterkte met het verlies van je dierbare katten vrienden!!!!



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