Friday, July 25, 2008

In Memoriam Twice

Last Monday Freya gave birth to 5 beautiful kittens, all went well at first sight, but the next day I had to feed the 2 smallest ones. When I woke up Thursday morning the little girl was all feeling slack, so I tried to feed her and that was a real problem. So I thought when I came home from work at 12.00 she wouldn't be alive, but she was. So I feed her again and gave her a bit antibioticum. Later that day when I came home, she wasn't doing better, but didn't want to die either. I really thought she would, cause she was doing worse every time. When I came home from the beach in the evening, she still was alive bearly, and I was praying for her to die, but she didn't.
So I had to make the desicion for her to let her go. My sweet little girl she was only 3 days old, it's so unfair.

Than when I came home today, I couldn't find Isis anywhere. Isis wasn't feeling whel the last few weeks and I was worried about her health. She was spitting a lot, and last week she wouldn't eat. So when I found her in a corner in the garden I felt sick, cause she was pitiful miaowing and not looking very well. I burst out in tears, cause I really didn't want to loose her also. So we went to the vet with a terrible feeling, and my worst nightmare came true. She had kidney failur, and it was so bad that there was no cure for her. So I had to let her go too, much to early she wasn't even 7 years old. I'm gonna miss her so much, especcilay when I'm on the coach watching tv and she will sit in front of me, so that I couldn't see anything.
I can't even discribe the pain that I'm feeling to losse 4 of my precious cats in 1 month time. When will it be enough?

I'm so gonna miss you sweetheart, I will never forget you, you were my first Coon and I fell in love with you in a moment. You comforted me when I lost my first and oldest cat, who is gonna comfort me now?

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linda loe said...

Ik dacht al wat ben je stil maar nu snap ik het. Jeetje meid heel veel sterkte, ik hoop dat nu de goede tijden gaan komen.


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