Thursday, December 25, 2008

My Christmas Eve

began bad, I came home with a headache, so I went to bed after dinner.
But the headache get worst and I became sick as well, so I had to tro up ( really don't know how to write that, but I think you un derstand)
Than at 9.50PM Wil called me, he was thinking that 1 of the cats had to deliver.
So I went downstairs, and yes she had already contractions.
At 10.10 the first kitten was born, and at 10.30 the second.
than it took a while before the third was born at 11.50
After an hour waiting, I thought there was nothing more coming and went to bed at 1AM
Wil went to bed at 2, and when I came downstairs at 3.30 to watch, there was still another 1 born.
So she has 2 girls and 2 boys, that was my Christmas night present.
They are doing great, for more pict you can watch my website

1 comment:

Marjolijn said...

Kerstkindjes, wat leuk !! Nou dat is echt een heel mooi kadootje. Heel veel plezier met deze nieuwe familieleden :)

Hele dikke knuffel :)


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