Thursday, January 8, 2009

My plans for 2009

2008 has really been a though year, lots of personal problems, lot of problems with my cats, I'm glad it's over.
So hoping 2009 is getting a lot better.
I already made some plans I will do this year.
I have to loose weight 20 kilo, started last monday and I already lost 1,5 kilo, so that's a good start.
I want to keep more in contact with friends, I have a few good friends, but they all live a bit further away, so I just can't go there just for a cup of tea. I have to plan it for a day.
And we want to visit Mallorca and Venice this year, Wil wanted to go to Mallorca for ages, he has been working there when he was 18.
I want to go to Brussel in September, to a huge fleamarket and Brocante.
We finally want to fiish the house, it's been a unfinished too long.
So that are a few of my plans, I'm sure there will follow more

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Marjolijn said...

Ik wens je voor het komende jaar alleen maar fijne dingen toe, het afgelopen jaar was gewoon K*T voor je en dat was moeilijk. Je bent een sterk persoon dus ik weet zeker dat je je doelen voor het komende jaar gaat verwezenlijken en buiten dat hoop ik dat je allemaal leuke en mooie dingen gaat beleven en weer een stuk beter in je vel gaat zitten. Hele dikke kus en knuf !


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