Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Big update

I've been s buisy the last few weeks. I had several deadlines to do. Than we had to clean up our shop, that was closed on August 22. We had 1 week to clean it all up. Than I had to make some work for Kars. Kars is a large wholesaler in Holland, they asked me to make some work with G45, and demonstrate it. So that was were I was last weekend. Now I have to clean up my house, cause all my stuff from the shop has moved to our house. I had a scrapspace in the back of the shop, and now I have 1 on the attic of our house, but that is not as big as it was in the shop.
In the meanwhile little baby is doing fine, he is growing god, all the test were good too. I still ain't feeling good, very tired and still nausias. Can't wait till they baby is born and I'm feeling better again.

Little Round Box


The idea of the folded edges I saw on the internet. The fences I made myself, I just cut some chipboard in pieces.

This LO was based on a LO I saw on the internet, I used the new papers from G45


Rozella said...

Corien, het was hartstikke leuk om je ontmoet te hebben en je werk zag er grandioos uit. Ik mis alleen nog je witte layout........(wink wink). Die mag ook best gezien worden hoor...Groetjes, Rozella

Sussie said...

Everything you do is absolutely georgeous! I love it!

Catharina Maria said...

Fijn om te lezen dat het goed gaat met jou en de baby !
Mooi werk Corien in deze post en ook een hoop !
Heb jij nog contact op genomen met die brocante zaak ??

Sue said...

Hi Corien,

You do such beautiful work with the Graphic 45 papers. I recognize one of the layouts as being inspired by mine. Here's my original one: http://graphic45.ning.com/photo/those-were-the-days?context=user Love your take on it! :)


Chimene said...
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Mark - Layers of Color said...

I've visited much of your artwork on your blog tonight, and I have to say, I LOVE your style!! You're a really fabulous artist!

Congratulations on your pregnancy! It'll be the best creation you've ever made!

God bless!


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