Monday, November 23, 2009

Did some shopping

Yesterday we went to the scrapstore in Doorn. I just wanted to go out, after sitting at home so much. I promised myself not to buy any papers, cause I already have so much, but there were a few gorgeous papers I couldn't resist. There were a lot of people and Wil was sitting in the car, so I didn't stay for too long, next time I go when it is not so buisy.

After that we drove to Den Haag, were I wanted to pick up those wallpapers from Laura Ashley. I wanted them for sooo long, and now I finally found them.
We are redecorating the hall, Wil made some lambrisering and now I have to cover the walls with these wallpapers.
It was a bit too much tho, I hardly couldn't walk anymore cause of the pain, it's defenately time for the little one to come, still 5 more weeks to go.

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