Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas decorations

It's always hard to think of some decorations with all my cats. I don't have a tree for years now, it's just not possible. This year it was even harder, cause I can't hardly walk anymore cause of my pregnacy. My hips and back are so painfull I have to lay down or sit almost all day. So I had to ask my HB to do it for me, he think it's rubbish. The little one can come any day now, so why do all those things, but I just love it, all those lights and candles, it's so sociable, so he did it anyway with instructions of me ofcause.

This first one was inspired on some work from Jeanette, she makes just such gorgeous decorations.

And this is a piece of my mirror in my new hall, I will try to make some better pics tomorrow


Hilde Janbroers said...

wow dat ziet er gezellig uit!!

linda loe said...

Nou Wil heeft goed zijn best gedaan, zal het donderdag eens bewonderen:-)

wendela said...

prachtig zeg!!! en...nog een paar daagjes meid, nog ff volhouden voordat de beeb er is!! dat wordt een heel bijzonder jaar voor jullie!


Ineke van den Akker said...

Wat ziet het er prachtig uit! In mijn favoriete kleur!
ROZE....ik heb twee kleindochters! Helemaal goed!


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