Saturday, September 4, 2010

back from Mallorca

We're back from a week vacation at Mallorca.
It was a vacation with ups and downs. It started okee, but than Jay was crying a lot, wouldn't sleep alone, wouldn't eat, first we thought is was because of the strange environment. After 2 days we came to the conclusion he was getting 4 teeths at once, and that was hurting him. He already has 2 teeth, but that didn't hurt at all. So we went to the pharmacist to get something for him. So it went better from that time on, but still not super. We think it was a combination of all, that he was not his normall self. Jay is a very easy going boy, no troubles at all. But we also have some fum time, at the swimmingpool, the first time for jay. we rented a car, went into the mountains, to some old villages, loved that, although it took 10 years of my live, I hate heights, took tons af pictures to scrap. We had good weither, walked a lot, but it's also great to be back home. I will show some pictures, the rest you gonna see in my scrapworks.

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