Thursday, October 14, 2010


I'm turning my house into Brocante YEAHHHH. I was thinking about that for ages, but didn't dare, I'm more for colours in my house than white. But surfing around the blogs from time to time, it got me sooo inspired, that I wanted it too. And guess what, my HB likes it too. Didn't expect that, he is more for straight stuff, not to much of everything. So we sold this huge cupboard, and bought a new one, much smaller.I will show you the new one later.

this was my cupboard for the tv, I bought a new one with doors, so I can close it when we don't use it, so you don't see all the mess, that bothers me heeps.

The first new cupboard I bought was this one. My HB picked it up for me, and I'm sooo happy with it, it's just so gorgeous.

Than I bought this old sewing table. I wanted that for so long, but because of the big cupboard we didn't have space, but now I have.

And ofcause I bought some brocante/white stuff.

There's more to come, I'm painting everything white.

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