Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Jay

My little man became 1 today, how time flies. I just can remember the day he was born and saw him for the first time. And now he is so big already and is doing his first steps at his own. The cake was a bit of a desaster, I had to order it at the last minute. The cake I received wasnt the cake I ordered, and was such a disappointment, that we had to order this one at the last minute. But it was a great cake and very yummie. Ofcause Jay was spoiled rotten, and had ate his cake by himselve.


Stay True To God said...

Awww... "HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAY"!!!! They grow up sooooo fast don't they?? Great photos... what a little cutie!! :) God bless & big hugs... Tracy

linda loe said...

he de foto met jullie drietjes er op is toch gelukt dat is mooi.

Groetjes en een fijne jaar wisseling


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