Monday, February 28, 2011

New Findings

Yesterday we went to a fleamarket. My husband went along this time, that was okee, but with everything I found he said, what do you need that for? You already have that. ARGHHH, next time I go alone again, sorry dear, I know you don't mind anyway, you don't like fleamarkets at all. So I found these bowls from Regout, YEAHHH, was so happy, and totally new, not 1 demaged, that was okee too, I should have bought them anyway. And 2 old handkerchiefs with lace.

And than this curtain, I think it's an old curtain they used to hide there towels in the kitchen. I think it will fit just right for my window near the frontdoor.
I also have been creative the last week, am making pictures of it, so I will show you later this week.

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