Sunday, May 6, 2007

Show in Germany

Just got back from a day showing in Germany, it was a very long day. I drove away at 6 to meet Ellen and Wendy at 7.15. The show was in Kleve not that for from the border. It was not a big show, but everything took a long time, so we drove away at 6.45, and I was home at 9. It was not a very good show for us this time, no BIV or BIS, Aurora got her 3th CACIB, so she now is International Champion, and Elmo got his 3th GCACE, just one more country to do and he is Grand European Champion. That's why I went anyway. And we had a great time.
When I got home Wil had already left for work, doing a nightshift, so I'm of to bed now.

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