Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Working hard

The last 2 days, we've been working hard to finish our toilet. Last December Wil placed a new closet, but that was it, the walls were totally bleak, and now I thought it was time to do something about that. So yesterday I started to paper the walls, but I bought the wallpaper in december, so I was short and went to the shop for another roll, and you can guess what happened, they don't have it anymore %%#$&$&^$*&$&. So I went to another store, and another and another, but nowhere I could find some wallpaper I like. At the last shop the salesman suggested to use a roll effen for the other wall, that was a great idea. So I took that roll and put it on the wall, and think what? Wil liked that paper better, it was not so busy, but I liked the other paper better (left on the picture). So we did one wall with the busy paper, and 2 walls with the calm paper. Today Wil spent the whole day putting the tiles on the wall, so now only the floor and the finishing touch and my toilet is done, after 6 months.

1 comment:

Linda Loe said...

Zo he dat ziet er goed uit ik vind het zwart wel mooi maar wel erg donker voor de hele WC. Toch wel handig als je man zo handig is.


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