Saturday, July 14, 2007

Big Surprise

When I went to my shop last Thursday, there was a car with an older man standing in front of my shop. I was thinking what is that old man doing there on my parking spot!?!?! Now I have to walk. When I was at my door, I heard a voice sayinig, finally you are opening. When I turned around I saw my dear friend Marjolijn standing there. She is living in Norway for a year now, and I'm missing her heaps. It was such a great surprise, she arrenged it with my HB, but didn't tell me anything about it. I was just asking him the other week about it, cause I knew she should be in Holland next week for the avondvierdaagse of Nijmegen (I really don't know how to call it in English ) But he stood there and just saying NO he didn't. I was so happy to see her again, it was a great afternoon. She is staying in Holland for 5 weeks, so I will see her again soon.

1 comment:

Jennie said...

Wat een leuke verrassing Corien. Doe je d'r de groeten als je haar weer ziet?


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