Saturday, July 14, 2007

Something to show

WOW, I finished 4 LO's this week, I don't think I ever did so much in 1 week. Normally it takes a few days before I'm happy with my work. But this paper was so easy going, I just LOVE it. Can't wait for the next lines to come out next week, so curious

Started this one on the Scrap-a-ganza last month, and finished it today. It was not totally my thing, so I added something me to it.

And this one I started last saterday. It's a challenge for the Dutch magazine Scrap. Make a LO with at least 50 pieces of 1 item, so I choose for fabric. Can't show you the whole LO right now, it must be a surprise.

1 comment:

Linda Loe said...

Ja de bovenste twee zijn erg leuk geworden en wat een productie.


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