Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Great day, sad end

Yesterday I went to my friend Bea, who lives in Apeldoorn. We went to Intratuin in Lochem, who has a very large Christmas show. Never been there before, but is was so great, we took lots of beautiful pictures, I had a great time.

When I came home it was time to make the disision to let Blue Spirit go. Yesterday all for sudden he wasn't doing that well, his chest was a bit flat, and he has difficulties with breading. I called the woman who talks with him, and she said that he thinks it's almost time to go, he knows he is not getting better anymore. That was a difficult conversation again, thinking that such a small kitten knows his time has come. But I could wait a day or two he said. So today I went to Bea anyway, cause Wil is home to keep an eye on him. During the day Wil kept me informed how he was doing, he wouldn't eat anymore, and his breath was getting worse. So when I came home I desided in an instance that is was time, so I called my vet and with an aching heart we went to give my little sweetheart the rest he needed. I will miss him heeps, and hope he is with his little sister again.
This are terrible things to do when you love your animals this much, but loving is also letting go.

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