Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sad Day

Today I had to put Dark Angel asleep.It was so unexpected she was doing so great.I've been struggeling with Blue Spirit for 2 weeks now, to keep him alive. He is doing better by the day, but still not sure if he is going to make it. He still can't eat by himself, has balance problems, and can't keep his piss. Than suddenly Thursday Dark Angel became sick, and was getting sicker by the hour. A visit to the vet didn't help, she was so airless, today after 2 days of struggle I had to make the disision to let her go. It is always so hard to do that, and even more when it is such a little kitten, she was only 2,5 weeks old. I'm gonna miss her heeps my sweet little angel, and hope to see her again at the rainbow bridge
Ghost Dancer

Dark Angel


Blue Spirit

1 comment:

linda loe said...

Ach wat erg dat hij het toch niet gered heeft sterkte met het verlies.
I kkom over een paar weken bij je kijken met Tom


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