Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Last weekend I went to Utrecht to the Scrap-a-Licious workshop weekend with Corinne Delis and Celine Navarro. It was great but very exausting, I didn't finish anything. And I'm not gonna for a few weeks either. On saterday Kirsten was there too with some new stuff for some articles, and some hugh deadlines. So that's my first goal this coming weeks. But I did enjoyed myself, and it was so great to see those girls again

Fauve and me

Corinne, Celine and me

Celine and me

Merjam and me

Corinne and me

Between the workshops we had a little time to went outside, and we took some pictures in Utrecht with Jacqueline and Linda

Celine looking boored, I think she is very tiered after 2 days


Marjolijn said...

Wat een leuke foto's !!! je zal dood op zijn geweest, maar als je het leuk hebt is dat niet erg :)


linda loe said...

Ha ha we staan er weer prachtig op. Kun je mij ook nog sturen??
En wat was het gezellig he?? Ik heb er van genoten.


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