Sunday, December 9, 2007

Cat day

Today we had a cat day, first we went to Spijkenisse, were is living a kitten from my last litter at cattery on the doorstep. He left our home at the end of july, and we saw him for the first time now. He is grown up great, and his ears WOW, he has such great ears and Lynx tips, I'm so proud of him

After that we went to friends in Hellevoetsluis, who has a litter with poly kittens, And YES, my dream came true, we bought the red poly male. We already had an option on him, but haven't seen him. There were 3 poly males, but I liked him the most, I just love him, and he me I think. He fell in sleep on my lap. Can you see his extra toe on his feets? Isn't it great, I just love it. Now we have to wait for 9 more weeks, cause he is only 4 weeks old, but I'm going to visit him soon, when I have time. First Aurora has to get her kittens next week, I hope there are poly's in as well


linda loe said...

Wat een snoepje en wat jammer dat hij pas over 9 weken komt dan zien wij hem niet de 23 ste.

Mieke said...

Wat een poepies Corine!!
Helemaal geweldig zo'n klein poesie!!


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