Friday, December 21, 2007

Unfinished Work

I decided to finish some unfinished work first, before I start a new project. I have lots of work just lying in a bag that I started at workshops and didn't finish.
This one I started last March at a workshop from Corinne Delis, it's a box with 2 little books, 1 about things I love, and 1 about people I love.

And this one I started, I don't know maybe a year ago at a worksop at Lance from Rusty Pickle. I only glued the papers in it and that was it. The original book wasn't really me, sorry Lance, so I gave it my own twist. It went out great I think, but can't show you everything yet. Maybe I'm gonna use it for a contest, not sure yet. If not I show you the rest later on.

1 comment:

Marjolijn said...

Twee heel verschillende dingen, en allebei heel erg leuk geworden. Je bent echt heel veelzijdig in je werk en dat kan ik niet van veel mensen zeggen, gaaf :)


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