Saturday, April 21, 2007


So today is my B-day, I'm now officcially 40. I shouldn't celebrate it today but tomorrow, I'm not that font of Birthdays anyway. But my DH made a plan to tell everyone that its my B-day, so I got lots of e-mails, cards and e-cards. Linda came by with some great nitted flowers to freestyle, thanks girl. And in the afternoon Karin, Marianne and Jennie came by with great cards and flowers. So I had to run to the baker to get some baked goods. It was fun and Jennie learned us how to use the cricut. I have this thing standing in my shop for months now, and didn't used it
These pictures were taken earlier this year, but like to share.

Also got an SMS from my dear friend Marjolijn who is living in Norway now. This picture was taken when she was in Holland in March, and stayed a day with us for a day. I miss her heaps we always had a lot of fun.

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D@nielle said...

Well Corien sweetie you do not look like 40 ! Congratulations (I know I'm behind emailing you but I will catch up next week) hope you're having a fab day !


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