Friday, April 20, 2007


Just an update of what I have been doing this last week. I finally got the energy to start my weight lost programme again. Last year I lost 12 kilo's with Sonja Bakker, and I already gain 8 of them. Now I started again and I lost already 3 of them, so that's a great start. I hope I can do a 10 or 12 more.

Wednesday we went for a quick shopping in Rijswijk. We bought some great stuff for me and Will at Forecast, a great shop. I also bought a cool dress from 1 of my favorite brands DEPT at J22. Such a cool shop, were we always like to go, such great people working there too. They know exactly what we like. They are selling a lots of bracelets from Josh, 1 of our fevorites too. We bought 1 for me and 1 for Will for our birthdays. My Bday is tomorrow and Wils is 30 May.

And I finally find the lamps I wanted for ages for my hall. They were sold out everywhere, but I found them at Xenos, I will show them later, when Will put them to the wall.

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