Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Today I celebrated my B-day, it was a great and sunny day, so we sat down in the garden. I took a lot of pictures, I like to share some. I got my bracelet today from Wil, he is soooooo great.

And as a big surprise I gor from my sister her HB and Wil a new mobil with Tom Tom on it. I wanted that for a long time, cause I'm a lot on the road for the shop and my cats. Now I don't have to do it with papers anymore YEAHHHHH

Made some great pictures from my nieces, can't wait to scrap them.

My Dear HB and Quinten, it's the first time he holds hem. He doesn't like to hold little kids, afraid to let them drop or hurt them. He is 7,5 months now.

My new sunglasses, I bought last week, I'm very happy with it. No it's no expensive one, though it may seems like, but I'm not worth that. I'm very messy with things and leave it lying everywere. I even sit on it when it lays in the car.

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Mieke said...

Prachtige foto's Corien!!


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