Monday, April 16, 2007

The day after

So we are back from the Stamping Event in Nuland this weekend. It was a great but very warm weekend. Saturday was very buisy and very warm. Sunday was easier going. We had a great time, seeing lots of friends who we mostly speak by e-mail.

Francina giving workshop with Match Boxes at our booth. Such a great friend and so full of energy.

Jennie, she is a good friend from me for years now,is giving workshops for the Event. You can see that she likes it to be taken pictures from her. NOT

Karin, well what can I say, just beeing Karin HAHAHA, she is giving workshops from time to time in my shop. She is great, and lots of laughing.

Wil as always doens't want to be taken pictures of.

And this is me, at the end of the day, so tiered and so much backpain.

1 comment:

D@nielle said...

wow that was some weekend, I know the feeling haha and I only did a one day workshop.....


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