Sunday, October 19, 2008


I thought it would be fun to show you 1 week in my life, starting today.

Today I went to a cat show in Oud Gastel with 2 cats, Mas and Darkness.
I had to be there before 9.30 so drove away at 7.45, it was a 1.15 hour drive.
I had a place beside Judith my show friend, it was great to see her again, but I so totally forgot my camera, and she did as well. So can't show you pics. My cats got there points, but that was it. I didn't prepare mas well, so he didn't get a Best in show, wasn't even nomited for it. A bit of a disappointment. But at least they got there points, so Darkness in Champion now, for that they need 3 points. Mas needs 1 more point for it.
I bought a great new scratchpile, cause there new room is finally finished ( well almost, need to do some painting, but the basic is done) The old p[ile is going upstairs and the new one in the livingroom.
The show was finished around 6, so I was home around 7.30. Wil had coocked, and after diner I lie down on the coutch to watch my favorite shows, Ghostwhisper and Supernatural. I had a bit of a headache so I fell asleep while watching, went to bed at 11.30

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