Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Yesterday evening around 8.15 got a phonecall from people who wanted to see Witchblade, the last kitten I had for sale, so they came and really liked him, wanted to take him right away, nooooo, that's not possible I need to prepare for that, so they will pick him up tonight.
So today I went to work at 8 again, my first client (Aunt Aagje) who is also an aunt of my mom, turned 100 today, so that was very special for her, a big day.
Got home at 12, eat something, turned clothes and drove to Amersfoort to order the April/May collection for next year. Got back at 4.30 stopped to pick up some cat food I ordered and drove to the party of Aunt Aagje. It was fun to see some family I haven't seen in ages.

After that I did some grocery shopping and went home at 7.oo. The people who came to pick up Witchblade just drove away, so that was good. I don't want to be there when my kitties leave, that's too emotional for me, can't handle that. Wil already did the cooking, watched some tv and went to bed.

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