Monday, October 20, 2008


This morning I went to work at 8. I work with older and sick people. We go to there house to wash them, dress them and that sort of things, so they can stay at home as long as possible. Sometimes I have 6 or 7 patients in a morning. The monday mornings are always long, cause after that we always have some sort of meeting, so I got home at 1PM. I changed my clothes and drove to Amsterdam to pick up cards for Derek Ogilvie. YES!!!! I got cards for wednesday, someone sold them on the internet, I'm really happy with them. I got home at 3, drink some tea did some vacuum cleaning and mop. Than cook dinner, after dinner we put the scratchpile together, the cats really love it. Than I went in bath, watched some tv, did some internet and went to bed. Again with headage, I often have that when I'm really buisy

This is the Pile we bought, with some of my cats

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Marjolijn said...

Jeetje wat een onwijs gave krabpaal, al is dat niet helemaal het juiste woord ervoor :D Supertof, de katten vinden het natuurlijk ook het einde !



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