Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Normally it's my day off from work, but since i have my shop I'm working in my shop all day, it opens at 9.30 till 12.30. Managed to make this LO for the Build-a-Page-Sketch from Prima.

My mother would do the afternoon in the shop so I could finish my administration, I was back in the shop at 4, it closed at 5.30 and went to the beauty specialist to do my eyebrows. Was home at 6, Wil already coocked. Don't think that Wil always coock though, it just depents on who is home earlier. This week I'm very buisy so he will do the most of coocking, but normally I do Monday and Tuesday and whenever I'm home earlier.
We drove away to Amsterdag at 7.00 to see Derek Ogilvie, YEA!!!!!!!! I got tickets again.

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Marjolijn said...

Heel gaa zoals je dat papier gedistressed hebt bij deze pagina ! Ziet er erg tof uit, maarja ik ben niet anders van je gewend ^^

Huggles :)


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