Thursday, October 23, 2008


So we came home at 12 last night, the show wasn't that great as the last time. You could notice that Derek was tired, he is doing 17 shows in 13 days, that's way to much if you ask me. I think it's taking a lot of him. Also the public was very difficult, people just didn't understand him and the translater. At 1 point you could see that Derek was irritated to, he couldn't do much readings this way. The show was also shorter than the in June, so that was a pitty. But I have a signature and some photo's with him, YEAHHH!!!!! He is so sweet, he took time for all the people waiting to get a picture.

Today another day at work, start at 8.00, had a doctors appointment at 11.20
Went to the shop at 1.30, was not so buisy this afternoon so did some scrapping, can'r show it yet.

Can show these 2 LO's I made last week.
This one is for the October challenge from the Pretty Committee

The Challenge was: what do you see when you look in teh mirror, I took away 2 things, cause they are to personall.

And thsi one is for the october challenge from Websters Pages InspireMe. The challenge is to scrap a favorite item and use some cut outs from the Websters Papers.

The shop closed at 5.30, did some grocery shopping and went home. Wil wasn't home yet, so I had to do the cooking, but was to tiered so put something in the micro. Wil get home 10 minutes later,and that was his idea also. After dinner I went into bath for an hour with a good book, I'm reading the fantasy serial from katharine Kerr.
Than did some Blogging and surfing, at 9.30 the new programme from Derek Ogilvie started at tv, after that I went to bed

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Marjolijn said...

Heel gave pagina's weer, die bloemen vind ik super mooi zeg ! En de kleuren zijn ook weer mooi uitgekozen. Jammer dat de show van Derek wat minder was, je verwacht toch wat meer, nouja volgende keer beter he :)



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