Saturday, October 25, 2008


It was a bad day today, you know such a day everything went wrong.
Started at 10.00 in my shop, and the first customer was really a nag, she already was there yesterday to return something, and today again it wasn't good DUHHHH.
After that I did something wrong with my micro and my whole kitchen is blue from the smoke and stinking. Also all my scrapstuff, cause that's there as well.
So I was glad I could go home at 4.00. Had a huge discussion with Wil, so went into bath with a terrible headache.
This was 1 week in my life, they are not always that buisy, when I have a slow week, I am free on monday and tuesday afternoon, that's all. And I always try to be home as much as possible in the evening for my cats. Sundays I always have something planned to do, cause that's our only day of together, and once in the 2 weeks I have photography course.

This is what I was doing this week, made 2 LO's and a mini for a DT call

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hilde janbroers said...

great stuff you made girl!!!


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